Wolverine 4451 Men’s Cannonsburg Steel Toe Internal Met Guard EH Boots

These Wolverine 4451 Boots give you 6 inches of Metatarsal protection as well as an array of terrific comfort features.

Goodyear Welt Construction means these boots are built to last, and can be repaired. In addition, the soles are slip-resistant and are oil-, water-, abrasion-, chemical- and heat-resistant, as well. That means the Wolverine Chevron rubber/polyurethane outsoles are made to keep you safe.

These boots provide standardized protection, so you’ll have a winning defense against heavy rolling or falling objects. They are built to withstand 2500 pounds of compression, or a 75- pound weight dropped from a height of eighteen inches. You’re also protected against certain electrical hazards. They can withstand applications of 14,400 volts (rms) at 60 Hz for one minute.

While inside the met-guard boots, your feet will feel at home surrounded by a PK mesh lining to let them breathe, and there is a molded removable insole to cushion them from shock.


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