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Wolverine 10192 Women’s Steel Toe EH Bailey Slip On Brown Shoes

If you’re going to climb the ladder of success, you can’t do it in high heels. You need something sensible, something comfortable, something professional. Actually, something like these Wolverine 10192 Brown Bailey Steel Toe EH Women’s Slip-On Shoes should be just right for any kind of ladder-climbing you might need to do.

The slip-on, low-cut style of these brown shoes is just the right thing to wear when you’re working. You don’t have to mess with laces or a tight fit or any of that silliness. Stretchy gore panels on the sides of these Wolverine shoes keep the fit flexible and comfortable through every step you take. They fit just right every time you put them on, without all the fussy stuff.

The uppers of these steel toe shoes are full-grain leather to give your feet the best in softness and flexibility. Full-grain leather is so soft you can fold it, shape it, and mold it. But it’s so tough, it resists abrasions, wind, and even water. Even Mother Nature doesn’t stand a chance against these safety toe shoes. Full-grain feels good in all conditions, withstands time, and it even cleans and shines up nicely. Just wipe it down and it’s ready to go.

Inside these Bailey shoes, wave mesh lining draws moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. It’s pretty pink to add a splash of color to the design, but the material really feels pretty next to your feet. It pulls sweat away from your skin so you don’t have to feel it at all. Pillow comfort sockliners are stitched right in to give you constant cushioning and softness underneath your feet when you wear these slip-on boots. In other words, these Wolverine boots feel soft and comfortable all the way around your feet.

EVA foam was compression-molded into the midsole layer to add soft shock-resistance. Airy EVA isn’t heavy, but it is shock-resistant. It soaks up impact, so your stride stays comfortable when you wear these women’s shoes. Rubber soles create the foundation for the design. Impact-absorbent, bouncy rubber puts a spring in your stride to help you rebound from painful stepping impact.

The soles are attached to the leather uppers of these steel toe shoes with Flex-Stitch Opanka. Hand-stitched Opanka is a highly flexible, comfortable shoe construction method. They keep the rubber soles moving naturally with your steps.

These EH shoes meet ASTM F2413-11 F I/75 C/75 safety standards for protective footwear. The soles are resistant to electrical hazards. They absorb electricity to keep you safer. Meanwhile, the steel toes guard you from painful impact and compression. They deflect the force of dangerous falling objects to protect your feet.

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