Reebok RB197 Women’s Leelap EH Retro Jogger Steel Toe Shoes

You can put on your Reebok RB197 Women’s Leelap EH Retro Jogger Oxford Steel Toe Shoes to go for a run in the morning, then wear them to work, when feet need to be safe, high-functioning and comfortable at all times.

These low-cut, athletic-styled work shoes are made with grey suede leather. It’s soft stuff that feels great to the touch, but suede is also strong. The suede on these Retro Jogger shoes flexes, stretches and keeps all your steps comfortable no matter how you’re moving. Natural leather resists wear and tear, withstands wind and weather and protects your feet with durable, dependable safety.

The abrasion-resistant material withstands friction and resists wear, so you can keep sliding your feet in and out of your steel toe shoes. Since you’ll want to wear them everywhere, for everything, that’s a pretty useful feature.

Airy EVA foam was used to create the cushioning insoles for these safety toe shoes. The lightweight foam cushions and pillows your feet against the hard ground below. Extra EVA heel pads soften strike in this area, where you need strike softened the most.

The soles of these suede shoes are made in a dual-density design to give your feet two layers of shock-resistant softness. The rubber bottoms absorb force and help you rebound every time you step. EVA foam was used to create the second layer, cushioning midsole wedges. The soles used for these Reebok shoes are also EH rated to protect you against electrical hazards. They absorb dangerous electricity, and that keeps you safer when you’re working around open circuits.

These safety toe shoes meet or exceed ASTM F2413-05 standards for impact-resistance and compression absorption, literally softening the blow from dangerous, hazardous falling objects.

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