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Reebok RB195 Women’s Navy Leelap Retro Jogger Oxford EH Steel Toe Shoes

These Reebok RB195  Women’s Navy Leelap Retro Jogger Oxford EH Steel Toe Shoes look like they’re styled for the basketball court, but they’re made for the work place. You can wear these Reebok shoes in either place, or in anyplace you desire, really. There’s nothing wrong with having comfort and steel toe protection even when you’re off the clock. Who knows when an object is going to fall from the sky and come barreling towards your toes, right?

The navy blue uppers of these steel toe shoes are styled with soft suede leather. All leather is naturally durable against wear and tear, so these suede leather work shoes will still hold up great.

EVA foam was used to create the soft, airy interior. Lightweight EVA foam cushioning and EVA heel pads soften shock every time you take a step in these steel toe oxford shoes. The inserts are styled in a removable design for easy cleaning and odor prevention.

The soles are also Electrical Hazard rated for protection from electrical hazards. These EH work shoes absorb up to 600 volts of electricity, and you stay safer. Speaking of safer, these Reebok shoes are finished with ASTM F2413-05 rated steel toes. They protect you from falling objects, and guard you from danger. You know, like random object falling from the sky. Or more realistically, workplace hazards. So if you love athletic comfort with steel toe protection, try these Reebok Women’s Navy RB195 Leelap EH Steel Toe Retro Jogger Oxford Shoes.

Ever thought about matching your work shoes with your male co-worker? Well, guess what. The RB1975 are the exact same pair as these Women’s Reeboks, except they are made for men