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LAREDO 68351


Laredo 68351 Boots: Men’s 12 Inch Square Toe Leather Cowboy Boots

Laredo 68351 Men’s Aged Bark Breakout 12-Inch Square Toe Cowboy Boots – These Cowboy Boots show that you’re a man with style, swagger…and super good-looking footwear.

Genuine leather is amazingly soft and pliant. It moves with your feet so every step is easy and that makes it a whole lot easier to get that swagger while wearing these men’s boots. But leather is tough, too, which is what you need it to be. Leather is resilient to wind and weather, it withstands wear and damage.

It even cleans up well – just wipe it down to keep it looking great. These Laredo boots are tough on the outside, but on the inside they’re comfortable and soft. That’s from the Orthotic inserts. They’re made to contour to your feet, meeting every line and curve to soften your step everywhere. Remove the Orthotic inserts of these 12 inch boots any time to keep them clean and air out any bad odors.

Rubber outsoles finish off the design with a shock-resistant, durable foundation of support. Bouncy rubber is flexible, malleable, and tough. When you step down on a durable rubber base, your feet will spring back. This keeps your stride energized.

Classic Cowboy heels and Cowboy square toes finish off the profile to complete the design of these leather boots. The little bit of lift in the Cowboy heels gives feet better grip on ladder rungs, in addition to adding style to the design.

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