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JOHN DEERE JD5124 Comfort Soft Toe Work Boots

John Deere JD5124 Comfort Soft Toe Work Boots have to be designed in a lace-free Wellington style. Boots that give you such smooth steps just have to have a smooth exterior, too.

The soft brown Crazy Horse leather creates a touchable, stylish outer casing. The leather is also highly durable for all its soft flexibility, keeping you feet well-protected inside the durable material. The soft, covered cushioned inserts help absorb shock to provide comfortable cushioning for every step.

Goodyear welt construction uses flexible stitching to attach the lightweight soles. Made with shock-absorbent polyurethane, these slip-resistant soles provide gripping traction even on dangerously slick floors. Oil-resistance protects the tread from corrosive chemicals. The polyurethane heels add a little bit of extra lift and even more support.

John Deere JD5124 Comfort Soft Toe Wellington Work Boots don’t have laces, but they’ve got more than enough of everything else to keep you comfortable, safe and stylish.