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Super-tough, Tramper waterproof leather, makes the uppers of these sturdy brown John Deere JD3604 Hiking Boots. Because you never know what you might come across in the woods or on the job, the leather is barnyard acid-resistant. It’s resistant to a slew of barnyard chemicals including caustic alkali, sulfuric acid, calcium hydroxide, potassium phosphate, caustic potash, oils, grease, salt, urine, and also manure. Plus, it’s waterproof. This pair lets you traverse through muck, mud and soggy soil with dry comfortable feet.

Inside you’ll find Agion antimicrobial green lining. This durable, quick-drying lining is extremely breathable and wicks moisture away from your feet to keep them cool and dry. It’s treated with environmentally-friendly Agion to prevent foot odor. Also, it fights the grown of fungus that lead to athlete’s foot and other nasty foot faux-pas. Sturdy steel shanks offer solid arch support and protect your feet from the impact of driving a shovel into the ground or climbing ladders or rugged terrain. Innovative Air Flow Comfort Insoles will make you feel like you’re wearing tennis shoes. The insoles store energy as you step down and release it as you lift up so they absorb shock for improved comfort and less fatigue after miles in the backcountry or long days on the farm.

Slip- and oil-resistant polyurethane outsoles keep you grounded on a variety of surfaces. The electrical hazard-resistant rating means you’re protected from shock in charged areas. For additional protection, you’ll find approved steel toes so potential impacts and other jobsite hazards don’t slow down.