Are you open to the public?

Everyone is welcome to shop at either of our locations during business hours, even if you don’t have an account!

Do you have gear for women?

We offer a selection of footwear for women, but not clothing. If you are interested in making an account with us, we will be happy to provide options (subject to approval).

Is my gear eligible for return?

Returns and exchanges are approved on a case-by-case basis and the product must be seen before a decision is made. Only certain brands and styles honor a 30-day comfort warranty. Call us for any inquires or to let us know you are stopping by one of our locations so a member of our team can evaluate your product!

What if you don't have what I want in stock?

If we don’t have your size, we will check our other store and have what you need brought over or order directly from the brand.  If you are looking for something specific, made by the brands we are authorized to sell but don’t have, we can order it at our cost plus a restocking fee of $15 paid up front should you decide not to purchase the item after ordering. This fee will be refunded to you upon purchase of your special order.

Do you offer footwear repair?

It is our pleasure to provide footwear, but we don’t repair it.


What type of footwear do you have?

We have all types of safety toe caps at our stores: alloy, composite, carbon, steel. We do stock soft toe styles in most of our brands as well. All of our styles are slip and oil resistant. Other features our styles include are metatarsal guard, puncture resistant, water proof, high heat/Kevlar, and more.

Do you have FR clothing?

We offer a wide variety of flame-resistant clothing at both locations.

Why aren't boxes out for customers to get?

We strive to maintain an inviting, organized, open showroom due to our high volume of customers. One way we ensure this is by bringing boxes to you! This helps us keep track of different sizes/styles and allows you to relax while enjoying a personalized experience.

Are there any sales throughout the year?

We pride ourselves on offering our valued customers some of the lowest pricing in the area. Savings are guaranteed! For that reason, there are no sales.

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